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About Our Evansville, WI Office

Welcome to Maple Grove Family Dental! Our team is dedicated to making every patient feel welcome, comfortable, and valued – because in our office you are! One of our favorite things to do is help those patients who suffer from dental fear or anxiety. We start by trying to understand the cause of dental phobias. In many cases, the problem actually stems from tooth, gum, or gag reflex sensitivity. By addressing the unnecessary discomforts, our patients are able to receive the care they need. In other cases, a traumatic experience in the past has lead patients to distrust the dentist. We work to build long lasting relationships with our patients founded on trust and respect.

We Care About Our Evansville Community

From the moment you enter our practice, you’ll see how much we care for our community. Prominently displayed throughout our office are local artworks from woodworking and sculptures to paintings and photographs, we’re proud to showcase the works of our community artists. Additionally, we provide community support as members of the Evansville Chamber of Commerce, and by volunteering at the Creekside Place community center and local senior living facilities. We love to see patients smile, and that doesn’t stop when we leave the office.

World Class Amenities and Comfort

The last time you visited the dentist, did you tell your friends and family that visiting your dental practice feels like spending a day at the spa? For those patients who visit Maple Grove Family Dental, the warm, welcoming environment, patient amenities, and comfortable technologies allow patients to relax and enjoy every dental procedure. We welcome patients from Janesville, Brodhead, and other nearby communities to contact our Evansville, WI practice to schedule your first visit today.

Relaxing Massage Chairs for Maximum Comfort

Sit back and enjoy the pain and stress-relieving comfort offered by our relaxing massage chairs. Just one more way our team makes regular dental checkups feel like a day at the spa.

HDTV & Music – For In-Room Entertainment and Distraction

“So, how have you been?” asks the dentist with her hand in your mouth. We love chatting with patients, but patients don’t always love talking around dental instruments. Instead, relax and enjoy calming music or television programs.

Snuggle up with Comforting Pillows & Blankets

Cold, sterile, and uncomfortable – These are all words that patients use to describe dental and medical practices. At Maple Grove Family Dental, we offer pillows and blankets to keep patients warm, comfortable, and relaxed during care.

Enjoy a Refreshment from our Beverage Station

We work hard to make our office feel warm and welcoming. Before your checkup, we invite you to enjoy a beverage from our complimentary refreshment station and make yourself at home.

Nitrous Oxide for Pain, Stress, & Fear-Free Dentistry

Those patients who have dental anxiety or phobia and those who experience severe tooth, gum, and gag reflex sensitivity benefit from nitrous oxide sedation. The fast acting and dissipating effects mean patients won’t miss their daily activities.

High Definition – Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow our team to view high definition images of the internal structures of patients’ smiles with 90% less radiation than traditional radiography. Better yet, digital x-rays are faster. No more struggling to hold still!