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Teeth Whitening in Evansville

If you are like most adults, you have noticed your teeth looking darker or yellower with time. It is, unfortunately, a common side effect of age -- but at Maple Grove Family Dental, Dr. Melanie White can erase stains to reveal your whitest, most beautiful smile in as little as one appointment. With certain lifestyle considerations and occasional touchups, your teeth can stay beautifully white for years to come. Our team offers in-office and at-home whitening so you can whiten at the pace that suits you best. Keep reading to learn more about professional teeth whitening in Evansville!

Why Teeth Get Darker Over Time

Teeth are naturally about as bright as the whites of your eyes, and just like many other things, their original shade is influenced by genetics. But over time, exposure to highly pigmented foods and beverages, tobacco, poor dental hygiene, and even certain medications can gradually change the color of even the whitest teeth.

When it comes to foods and beverages that stain the smile, you know the common offenders -- dark coffee and red wine, especially. But there are a number of items that gradually take the sparkle out of your teeth.

No matter the cause of your dark or yellow smile, professional teeth whitening helps.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Whitestrips

These days, there are a number of whitening options available at the pharmacy or grocery store. Whitestrips and whitening toothpastes may promise excellent results, but these treatments are simply not as good as what you can achieve when you partner with your dentist.

Professional teeth whitening is…

Additionally, people who use over-the-counter whitening options are prone to overuse and abuse of harmful bleach. Unsatisfied with their results after the treatment is complete, they often keep using the whitestrips, which puts their smiles at-risk of tooth decay and sensitivity.

In-Office Whitening Treatments Reveal Results Quickly

A professional in-office whitening treatment reaches deep down beneath the surface of your teeth to break through intrinsic stains. Even the most stubborn discoloration caused by medications can be removed with an in-office whitening treatment.

To complete in-office whitening, your cosmetic dentist covers up your gums, lips, tongue, and anything else that’s not your teeth. Then she applies the whitening gel directly to the surface of each tooth, where it is activated in two or three treatments. In just about one hour, you can enjoy teeth that are up to eight shades brighter.

At-Home Whitening Completed On Your Own Pace

Patients who are interested in a more economical bleaching option, or those who prefer to whiten from the comfort of their own homes choose the at-home kit. It reveals the same fantastic results as an in-office treatment, just gradually. That means it may be a better option for patients who are prone to tooth sensitivity. It’s a customized treatment that reveals results over the span of about two weeks.

Dr. White will take impressions and photographs of your teeth for the creation of your personalized trays. Once they are ready, you will fill the trays with the bleaching solution every morning or evening and wear for the recommended period of time.

Maintaining Your Whitest Smile

Once you have completed your whitening treatment, keep a few things in mind to enjoy your beautiful results for longer.

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Are you interested in revealing your whitest, brightest smile? Adults and older teens alike enjoy fabulous results from in-office and at-home whitening treatments. Please don’t wait to get started with professional teeth whitening at Maple Grove Family Dental. Request an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Evansville today!