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Why Summer is the Best Time to Get Dental Implants

April 13, 2021

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With the start of summer right around the corner, you may be thinking about how you want to spend the next few months. Should you plant a garden? Go on vacation with friends or family? Focus on home improvement projects? While they all sound inviting, have you considered starting treatment with dental implants in Evansville? Tooth loss can wreak havoc on your oral health and ability to perform normal daily functions. But with the help of permanent prosthetics, you can take back your smile and embrace a better quality of life. Read on to find out why summer is the best time to regain your confidence with dental implants.

You Can Have a More Enjoyable Recovery

It’s no secret that receiving dental implants requires spending several months allowing your gums and bone to heal. Your implant posts must fuse properly with your bone and surrounding tissues to create a firm and solid foundation for your customized restoration. Instead of being stuck inside the house, you can embrace the idea of recovery outside by the pool! Enjoying the sun and watching your kids or grandkids play can make the process easier and much more enjoyable.

You Likely Have More Time

While this isn’t always the case, you may have more time during the summer to pursue this type of procedure. The process takes time, which means, if you wait until fall, you may find you’re too busy between work, back-to-school, and your child’s extracurricular activities. By starting the timeline for treatment during the summer, your smile can be well on its way to completion by the time summer ends and fall begins.

You Can Feel Confident at Family Gatherings

Having dental implants replace your missing teeth means being able to enjoy eating, speaking, and smiling once again. Unlike denture-wearers or those with fixed bridges who often feel self-conscious about their prosthetics, you can feel confident when smiling for pictures with family or friends. Going out to eat, enjoying your favorite foods, and engaging in fun-filled activities will be part of your normal routine with dental implants. You’ll never need to worry about shying away from the camera or avoiding social situations when choosing these permanent prosthetics.

You can opt to wait until fall or even winter before starting your dental implant treatment, but why delay what you can start today? Getting a jump start on a process that will lead to a healthier, more beautiful, and fully functional smile is a worthwhile investment of your time and money. Use the summer months to transform your appearance and get ready to enjoy a new lease on life.

About the Author
Dr. Melanie White attended the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry to earn her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. With a passion to build relationships and help others, she and her team at Maple Grove Family Dental are equipped and ready to help you embrace a fully restored smile. Offering dental implants to individuals suffering from tooth loss, she will determine if you are an eligible candidate and put you on the right path to a newer, fully functional, beautiful smile. If you are missing one, multiple, or all your teeth, contact us via our website or by calling (608) 882-4860.

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