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Evansville, WI emergency dentist treats pressing problems

July 23, 2016

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Contact Melanie White DDS, your emergency dentist in Evansville, WI, if you have dental pain or sustain an oral injury from a fall, sporting activity or car accident. Dr. White and her staff make patient health, safety and comfort their priority.

Contact the emergency dentist

Many occasions warrant an immediate call to Maple Grove Family Dental:

    • Toothache and swelling at the jaw or gum line
    • Extreme dental sensitivity (to hot or cold)
    • Laceration to the lips, tongue or other soft tissues
    • Cracked or chipped tooth
    • Lost dental crown, porcelain veneer or dental filling
    • Lost tooth (knocked out or avulsed in a fall or due to a blow to the mouth)
    • Jaw misalignment

Dr. White and her staff will recommend you to go the ER, come into the office or apply first aid and comfort measures at home, depending on the injury. Someone is always available to give you advice or to see you the same day if necessary.

Dental first aid

Cracked tooth, crown or filling Bring the pieces in sealable plastic bag to the dental office.

Avulsed tooth This common childhood and sports injury is very treatable. Many knocked-out or displaced teeth can be replaced or splinted when patients act quickly. Rinse the tooth with warm water to remove dirt, but leave soft tissue in place. Put the tooth back into the empty socket, and hold it while going to Maple Grove Family Dental.

If you cannot re-implant the tooth, place it in a closed container with milk or over the counter tooth preservation product, or put the tooth between the cheek and gum. Get to Dr. White’s office. If re-implanted within an hour, the tooth has an excellent chance of survival.
Lacerated lip or tongue Apply pressure and a cold compress for several minutes to stop bleeding. If bleeding does not resolve, go to the hospital emergency room.

Toothache or sudden temperature sensitivity

Tooth and jaw pain, accompanied by swelling, bad breath or bad taste, often indicates tooth decay or infection (abscess). Call Dr. White for recommendations. She may suggest:

    • Over the counter ibuprofen for pain and swelling
    • A cold compress
    • A same or next day appointment

At the office, the emergency dentist employs many techniques to restore decayed or abscessed teeth. They include tooth colored fillings, root canal therapy and all-ceramic crowns. Extraction is always a last resort.

Preventing dental emergencies

Dr. White asks that patients come to Maple Grove Dental semi-annually for cleanings and oral exams. These preventive treatments keep teeth clean and discover problems before they become complicated.

Also, patients must brush twice a day and floss daily as advised by the American Dental Association. Never chew hard foods such as peanut brittle or ice, and always wear a mouthguard during sports activities. Even runners and tennis player experience less wear and tear on their teeth when they wear customized sports guards.

Accidents are a fact of life. Please contact Maple Grove Family Dental to restore your smile to full health and function and to keep it that way.

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